Channelfinder Services

For Location-Based Info

Help viewers find your content by location, provider, app and device.

Gamefinder Services

For Multicast Sporting Events

With several games going, help viewers find their favorite.

MVPD Carriage Renewals

To Maintain Distribution

We use consumer momentum to help you seal your deal.

Interactive Promotions

To Engage Your Viewers

Simple entry to complex gameplay, from concept through completion.

Social Campaigns

To Create Buzz and Dialog

Either standalone or as a component of other campaigns.

Flawless Web Sites

Look, Performance, and Metrics

Use our obsession with detail to your advantage.

Network Launches

To Achieve Distribution Goals

Reach potential viewers to help demonstrate fan interest.

App Services Support

To Support MVPD Authentication

Our proprietary data helps your viewers access your content.

Reporting Services

To Know As You Go

Up-to-the-minute usage activity is always at your fingertips.

Telephony Services

Help Viewers Speak Up

Use a data-driven IVR to message and connect viewers by location.

Email and Text Blasts

To Get Your Message Out

From “tune in” to “speak up,” we blast to your audience.

Data Services

For Analysis and Strategy

Our proprietary data and data team is second to none.